Listed below are the items you need to obtain and bring to your escrow appointment.

Note: Make sure all of your lender’s requirements have been met before your appointment.

In order to notarize your signature you must bring picture I. D. (current driver’s license,military I.D., or passport).

You must bring a cashier’s check made out to the title company. Wiring funds is also an acceptable method of payment. Your escrow officer will tell you the amount you will need to provide.

Taking Title:
Review your options and decide how you wish to take title to your new home.

Fire and Hazard Insurance:
Be sure to contract your insurance agent to order coverage before your appointment. Have your agent contact your escrow officer with premium information & for property verification

After Your Signing:
After the buyer has signed all documents, they are sent to your lender for review. When the lender is ready to fund the loan, they contact the title company. The escrow office schedules the closing and recording time and handles all financial and technical details. A warranty deed and deed of trust are recorded within one working day and the trans-action is complete. As long as funds are wired before the banks wire cut off time (differs based upon which banks), the home will record the same day that funds are sent.

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