Chandler Arizona is one of the East Valley’s most sought after cities.

There are 2 people that love Chandler, for exactly opposite reasons. People in North Chandler love it because of their older homes, character and no HOA’s. South Chandler is loved because it’s new and clean and almost entirely communities governed by a homeowners association that people love because they maintain property appearance, parks and in turn, home values. homes in the North Chandler area are known for being smaller, and unkept because of the lack of the HOA. This simply couldn’t be further from the truth. North Chandler actually has some amazing custom homes, homes with large trees and large properties, lower property taxes and much more. South Chandler is nice too… but I’ll take North Chandler, any day.

Here’s a brief overview of what Chandler is about:

Moving to Chandler? Here is a list of all the Schools in the Chandler/Kyrene District. Click on the School links to find homes for sale within that schools boundaries. Remember that Chandler and Kyrene both have open boundaries, so you may choose to enroll your students in any school you want, if room allows. Contact the individual school for more information.

Chandler Elementary Schools

Chandler Traditional – Freedom
Chandler Traditional – Goodman
Chandler Traditional – Humphrey
Chandler Traditional – Independence
Chandler Traditional – Liberty
Hartford Sylvia Encinas
Knox Gifted Academy
San Marcos
Kyrene De Las Brisas
Kyrene Del Cielo
Kyrene De La Paloma
Kyrene De La Mirada

Chandler Middle Schools

Andersen Jr High
Bogle Jr High
Casteel Jr High
Payne Jr High
Santan Jr High
Willis Jr High
Kyrene Aprende
Kyrene Del Pueblo

Chandler High Schools

Basha High School
Casteel High School
Chandler High School
Hamilton High School
Perry High School


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