There are many advantages to a home warranty protection.

This policy protects the Seller by reducing repair costs required as part of the sale. It protects the Buyer by paying for certain repairs and costs of major mechanical systems. There are a variety of plans available in the marketplace.

Benefits of Home Warranty Coverage to the Seller
  • Home may sell faster and at a higher price
  • Optional coverage during the listing period of the home sale
  • Protection from legal disputes that occur after the sale
  • Increases the marketability of your home
Benefits of Home Warranty Coverage to the Buyer
  • Warranty coverage for major systems and built-in appliances
  • Protects cash flow
  • Puts a complete network of qualified technicians at your service
  • Low deductible for each occurrence saves more than cost of the policy over its life

Home warranties are policies designed to protect the buyer against repair costs of mechanical systems and major appliances. They consist of an origination fee (sometimes offered by seller/or negotiated in contract) and a small deductible (paid by buyer). There are a variety of plans covering items such as; air-conditioning, dishwashers, garbage disposals, etc. I will be happy to gather a selection of warranty plans for you.

Benefits of Home Warranty Protection
  • Coverage for your major mechanical systems and built in appliances
  • A full network of well qualified technicians at your service
  • Your budget is protected against unexpected repair bills
  • All of the above for a very low deductible/service call

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