My biggest downfall is that I love houses. I love every house, even houses that I would never live in. I walk into every home and I see immediate potential. Chances are that if I’ve ever been to your home, I’ve mentally remodeled it, or imagined myself living there.

I could add a bedroom over there. There’s room for a workshop in the back. This kitchen needs a chandelier. This bathroom needs a chandelier. This hallway could use a chandelier… you get the jist. I see potential in everything.  But not all buyers have vision. If you’ve ever watched HGTV, you’ve probably watched a few of the house hunting shows and have heard some of these, thinking they were fake. No… they’re real. People have said these things (to me) as reasons to not buy the house. Keep this in mind if you’re thinking of selling your home, since some of these things are in your control.

  • There is evidence of a cat, obviously I’d have to rip up all the carpet
  • The bathroom sink plugs are missing, there could be plumbing issues
  • The air conditioner is old. I can’t buy something I’ll have to put $5k into at any minute, unless they’ll take $20k less
  • I don’t like this carpet
  • The colors on the walls are too dark
  • Smells like last nights dinner
  • We want to see the property on Tuesday at 2… no? It’s out of the running then.
  • There is a dog. Dogs terrify me, I’m not going in.
  • It’s a distressed sale… therefore there could be cement in the plumbing
  • It was built in 1990? I can’t buy something that old.
  • There’s no HOA? I’m not going to live somewhere that everyone will have cars up on cinder blocks.
  • The neighbor has a dog, it’ll end up barking all night
  • It’s dirty
  • It’s too hot in here
  • It’s too dark in here
  • I don’t like that granite
  • I need a tub
  • The door knobs are brass
  • The roof is too old
  • There’s no grass
  • There’s too much grass
  • I hate Pine Trees (these clients are immediately scolded for speaking that way about trees)
  • I hate Cacti (ok, that was me)

The lesson here is to make sure that your home shows its very best and know that the number one reason people aren’t buying your home, no matter how wonderful it is, is because it just needs too much work. (even if you believe that work could be done in your sleep).

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