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When I got into real estate, I did it to fix up homes. That is, until I saw the reaction to my first client realizing she just purchased her first home. I have been in love with the idea of ‘home’, ever since. Before, I knew what my home was… it was a place I hosted my own wedding, it was the place I brought my babies home too, it was a place that I hosted family gatherings or snuggling with loved ones… Home is most definitely where the heart is.

When I first walked into the home at 2249 W Calle Iglesia Ave, I was overwhelmed by the obvious LOVE that this home had. This home was where there was a lot of heart, and around every corner, you can truly feel it.

This amazing Dobson Ranch home isn’t like a lot of the homes on the market these days. There are no fancy floors or quartz counters. But to walk into the home’s backyard, you’ll see exactly what I mean when I say this home has an amazing heart. You MUST see it in person! It’s ready to embrace it’s new homeowner, so call me today. It goes on the market early January of 2016, but you can always get a sneak peak when you have an in with the Realtor Extraordinaire! 480.788.3232

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