Theory: Real estate agents help people search for the right home. Right?
As much as I do search for homes, be honest, you’re searching too… 90% of the time, you don’t buy the home that fits into the criteria you tell your agent anyway. No matter how much I search, it’s not even probable that I’ll find your home before you do.
Buyer “I want a single story, older home, close to work, on a big lot with absolutely NO HOA…”
Also Buyer “Can we go see these 2 story, new builds, 2 cities over with the zero lot lines?”
Its just a fact. Our job isn’t to do the searching anymore. That left when the data became public knowledge on half a million sites available to the consumer… we help you navigate the minefield that is the contract to close. And with any luck, we’ll both walk away from the debris with only a few scratches.
Is this cynical? Not at all, I’m the biggest culprit. When I was searching for my own home, I “knew” what I wanted too. I set up my search and looked at the emails, every day. I even tweeked it here and there to ‘perfect’ my dream home search. I even labelled it “My Dream Home Search”.   However, the home I ended up buying fit the bill ZERO percent. So what made me buyer it? It wasn’t even the home at all. I bought my home because of the 30 year old pine trees and the 15 year old ficus trees.  Then I changed EVERY square inch of the home. Everything from the undesirable, non negotiable galley kitchen that this foodie would not tollerate, to the low ceilings that I wanted so badly to get away from. I even put up with a flat roof, which was a big deal killer on my list. But 30 year old, huge pine trees? I walked into that yard and I knew that was the one. I fought tooth and nail, through multiple offers to get this home.
The point is this… We as agents, honestly, have access to the same information that you do. We can look for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath homes, over 2,000 sqft in Tempe, AZ, just like you. I mean, sure… our site is more accurate because we’re not using a customer bait site that sells your information to the salesmen with deep pockets and bad social skills… but we can all find the right home if we just look around.  Our job just isn’t a seek and find job. We’re here to help you navigate through a contract… a pretty serious one in case you haven’t actually read it, addenda’s to the contract, timelines, red tape, title reports, settlement statements, inspections, hazards, disclosures, potential issues, negotiations (before and during contract)… but searching is not the main aspect of our jobs.
Now you know.  Click the image to start searching.

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