First of all, before anyone gets their panties in a wad, let me explain. I am not saying that agents shouldn’t answer their phones…ever. The good ones will always answer their messages. But, the good ones also don’t always have time to answer that call, at that moment… let me explain.


The Myth about the unanswered phone

There is a rumor going on in the Real Estate world that agents “don’t answer their phones”. And most have accused that this means they are lazy, don’t care about their clients, or are “part timers”, which never gains them respect. (Which I completely disagree with… more on that later.)

Agents will market themselves as the agent who always answers their phone when it rings. Yay! Very considerate of you to promise… but it’s wrong. You’re big fat liar.

The problem is that the Real Estate world is complex to say the least. It’s demanding!

Agents are pulled in a million directions, on the daily. Hundreds of emails coming and going, sometimes hundreds of texts too… not to mention important calls that come in on a daily.  All of that, plus the fact that they are the main focus of someone elses business plan, so they’re also getting hundreds of calls, texts and emails from lenders, escrow agents, marketing reps, recruiters, wholesalers and more… looking for them to change vendors, move brokerages or even give the scoop on upcoming homes.

The daily hours of operation also span from a typical 8am till 10pm day… SEVEN days a week. Holidays, vacations, time off to be the bridesmaid for your sisters wedding? Good luck! You’ll still be putting out fires just before you walk down the isle.

It’s exhausting!!

Most of the time, agents don’t know the numbers that are calling, because there’s only hundreds of thousands of people that want their attention, literally. Yet, they’re crucified for not answer ever ring!

So, yes… I invite my agents to decline the call.


Who are our Real Estate Agents?

At Serene Living AZ, we have a diverse mix of Real Estate professionals… they’re Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Uncles, grown children of others.

People depend on them for support, loving care and yes… a roof over their heads and food in their mouths.

Our agents have families and loved ones that lean on them.

Our agents volunteer at their place of worship, their kids schools and even around their community.

Our agents work closely with their friends and family, and connections to navigate their largest investments, in Real Estate.

Our agents are people who serve, protect, and dedicate their time to education, so that they can further their knowledge and abilities to represent at a higher level.


A day in the life…

Most of our agents have families, households to maintain or even other business that they own, or work for.

The day begins early for most… some wake at 5 or 6 am to start their day.

While answering emails and returning phone calls, agents are driving kids to school, checking on loved ones or community services, prior to day getting to work for their clients.

Most agents are also spending the first hours of the day following up on appointments, checking in with Lenders and Escrow companies to ensure that their clients are being taken care of.

Our agents are hands on with their clients, which means that they don’t have assistants to handle showings, so they put  20,000 miles on their cars to show homes across hundreds of miles that they service.

They attend inspections and signings.

They meet with clients to ensure that they are educated and comfortable with the process of buying.

They attend classes and committees, to ensure that they are always up to date on changes, advances and potential issues that face our industry.

They don’t wait until their license is due for renewal, to quickly go through the required Continued Education, online… They attend these classes in person or via remote access because they believe that true growth in representation happens IN the classroom, where they learn from other agents experiences.

At the end of the long day, most agents are still meeting with clients on their time schedules, showing homes, running reports and speaking to sellers about their sale.

Then their attention temporarily goes back to their home life and families, picking up children from school or day care, doing the grocery shopping, making meals, doing laundry, catching up with their partners or friends…

And then usually, it’s back to work, making sure that timelines are strictly adhered to, addenda are signed, paperwork is uploaded and follow ups are done.

And while that may seem like a typical day for most… this their every day. Clients don’t just stop needing their agents on the weekends or holidays. Families don’t take a break from being needed, just because it’s everyone’s day off.

Somehow during this crazy schedule, agents must also find time to work on their business growth, planning and development. They visit the gym and keep their families healthy. They do school shopping with kids, plan birthday parties, have babies (too often they do this in between work calls, btw), and somehow always find time to do laundry so that the attend inspection in clean pants.


So, before you complain that the call went unanswered…

Remember that our agents are out in the field most of their day, learning, growing and expanding their expertise, so that they can represent their loyal clients at a higher level than most can.

While they’re not answering the calls… even if they are able to answer a text….It could be for any number of reasons.

  • Their clients needed a status update on their offer and they’re currently hunting down that information.
  • They’re showing homes and respecting the client they’re with, by giving them their complete focus.
  • Their on the other line, because the lender needs a file update, or permission to order an appraisal  on their clients behalf… Or the Escrow agent on their file has discovered an issue with the title search.
  • The inspector is showing them around their buyers new home, explaining potential issues with a past leak, or how their buyer can resolve that missing ground bus in the electrical panel.
  • Things are going sideways for their seller, and they’re calling every vendor they can get their hands on to help save their clients deal.
  • They’re in a Risk Management or Contract Class, staying apprised of changes and evolutions in their business, so that they are always on the look out for their clients best interests.
  • They’re networking with lenders, or inspectors, or future cross agents, because these connections have proven most invaluable when managing their business.
  • They’re working with their Broker to navigate a tough situation.


Perhaps life has thrown them some personal curve balls.

Maybe their teenage daughter needs advise on her first date.

Maybe their 3 year old is having their first recital.

Maybe their father was just told that they need a serious heart surgery.

Maybe their sale is falling apart, and they just needed to walk away from their phone for a minute and have a good cry in silence.

Or, maybe they’re doing something like attending church, eating dinner with their family, putting their twins to bed, discussing date night with their partner… or even just lugging laundry around the house and they simply didn’t hear the phone ring.


So yes… Serene Living Agents are invited to NOT answer their phones

Our clients needs are the utmost importance to our agents, and they prove that to each one by going above and beyond the call of duty.

They don’t simply pass off tasks, big or small… they take on each transaction with a passion.

They connect emotionally to the clients, crying with them when there’s pain, celebrating with them when there’s joy.

They are focused on providing excellent service, as their business relies on word of mouth referrals… and boy, do they get referrals…

They are highly educated, and experienced. They share in knowledge and collaborate as a team, even though each agent is an individual business owner.

They negotiate at an expert level, not just on price but on priority and needs of the clients.

And yes…

They are mothers, fathers, sisters, sons, and friends to many in and out of the business.

When it comes to the demands of Real Estate… there are many. But I invite ALL of the Serene Living AZ agents to ignore that call, whether your personal life or business life is taking priority.

When it comes to your loved ones, your health and your sanity… don’t pick up that phone for anything that isn’t a priority.

When it comes to assisting your clients through hurdles, helping calm their anxiety or showing them the personal care that you would want during this tumultuous time… don’t pick up that phone for anything that isn’t a priority.

Our business has been known to consume people. We’ve seen many great agents burn out because of the demands in our field.  Be everywhere… do everything… never miss a beat….

It’s simply not sustainable, or advisable.

We are better agents because we care enough to respect the boundaries that are needed in our business and personal lives, so that we can thrive and represent at a higher level.

So, before you grumble and claim that the person you just called is “just another lazy agent, not answering their phone”. Perhaps consider that the agent is possibly the hardest working, most dedicated agent, who respects their health enough to be able to continue on providing that top notch representation… and you’ll be the next client to see that in action when you buy or sell.

In the meantime… if you’d like to be connected to one of top agents, available right now… Email and mention that you need an agent. (don’t forget to mention the area, as we currently service multiple areas of Arizona.

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