Frequently referred to as, simply, the inspection period.

This is your time to do all of the necessary investigations, regarding the property, to determine if this is a good fit for you.

During this time, you’ll be able to review all of the sellers disclosures, tell you about what they know of the home. The condition of the property, the way it sits. The location of the property. As well as any other aspects that could effect your willingness to pay the agreed price for the home.

Your agent is there to assist you in any way that you need, however, this is YOUR home… not theirs. You cannot rely on the agents to assist you with discovery, as what’s important to them, may not be important to you, and vise versa.

During your transaction, you may want to refer to the Buyer Advisory, required by most brokers to be signed, and acknowledged as received, to help you through your investigations.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. What should I do first?
    Obviously… contact me. :-) You should always work with an agent you’re comfortable with. Make sure they have done MORE than a handful of transactions in a year. Each transaction can present a slew of problems and an experience agent will know how to resolve issues that may arise. This person should be someone you trust to protect YOUR best interest. Hopefully that’s me… but if we aren’t a good fit I can help you find an agent that might be a better fit.
  2. How do I know what to look for?
    The most important thing is your LIFE. My favorite part of the job is getting to know people, and learn about their lives. Where do you work, where do you play, where do your friends and family live, and what are your hobbies? Buyers tend to get caught up on the fancy price… that big dream house. They get too distracted to look at what’s important.  I help you imagine what your life will be like once that new house smell has worn out and you’re content and comfortable. I’m going to help you find the home you’ll be happy with, even then.
  3. How do I get Pre-Qualified?
    Unfortunately, you’ll need this in order to get too far, even in the shopping process. This is just how the world works. I can help you there as well. I have an amazing lender that can help you get qualified for the house you want. The bonus is, if you don’t qualify, they can help you make the repairs needed to get that qualification. It’s important to get pre-qualified for 2 reasons.
      1. If you are shopping in a different price range, you may be disappointed with everything you see.
      2. Some sellers won’t even allow an unqualified buyer through the doors… for safety and security purposes.
  4. Offering on a house.
    Not really a question, but the biggest contract you’ll probably ever enter into. Strategies can vary. There is a difference in approach, depending on your motivation, financial situation and the loan you’ll be obtaining. Contact me, and I can walk you through the process.
  5. What to expect in Escrow.
    Once you’re under contract, you will need guidance to ensure proper inspections and steps have been taken to ensure you’re not in over your head. You will be completely responsible for all inspections and investigations of the property… The rest of the escrow process is simply following the Lender’s instructions to get to funding and close. Your agent should be involved the whole way to ensure everything keeps moving smoothly.
  6. What happens at closing?
    The date of closing is different than the date you sign your documents. Your loan documents will need to be at Title/Escrow 3 business days prior to closing. At that point, you’ll schedule your signing. Once everything has been signed, your lender will release the funds to Title. If funds are received by the wire cut off time for that Title office, you will record the same day. If not, the recording will happen the next business day. Once the deed has been recorded (before 5pm) that’s when you get the keys to your new home!
  7. Now what?
    Well… if you’re my client, I continue to help you in every way I can. Whether it’s finding a contractor for those much needed upgrades, or just finding the best Pizza joint near you.  I will help you in every way possible, so that your home really is your dream home!

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