There are several steps you need to take when acquiring a mortgage.

Sales contract on the purchase of your new home. Copy of sales contract and certified closing statement on your current home. For FHA loans: Copies of your Social Security card and drivers license.

The following is a list of items and information your lender needs to process your loan in a timely fashion (like fast).

Employment History:

  • Employment history for the last two years and complete addresses
  • Employment dates
  • W-2’s for the last two years
  • Tax returns for the last two years, with all schedules signed in blue ink
  • If there are any gaps in employment in the last two years (please explain).
  • If you are self-employed, you will need to provide a current balance sheet, and a year-to-date profit and loss statement

Residence History:

  • Two years of most recent residences with complete addresses
  • Length of time at each residence
  • Landlords name and complete address, if applicable


  • Names and addresses of each financial institution
  • All account numbers
  • Three months bank statements for all accounts
  • All current balances and values

Loans and Credit Cards:  

  • Creditor’s names and addresses
  • All account numbers
  • Current balances owed
  • Monthly payments and number of payments remaining

Current Real Estate:  

  • Property addresses
  • Estimated market value
  • Outstanding balances
  • Monthly payment amounts
  • Monthly rental income amounts, if applicable

Personal Property:  

  • Year, make and value of your automobile
  • Net cash value of your life insurance policy
  • Value of your personal property

If applicable, the following information:

  • Divorce papers
  • Check / money order for credit report and appraisal

For VA loans:

  • Certificate of eligibility & DD214

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