Searching for the Right Home

Most people believe that searching for the right home is the majority of what us agents do. Well, that’s not true… I’m not a lock smith, opening doors is not my ‘job’.  In today’s Technology Age, most buyers will find the right home on their own, prior to even contacting their agent. There is no shortage of sites out there that can help you locate the right home, research the area, the schools, the local restaurants etc. Getting access to that home MAY require an agent, although, we’re seeing things change there too.
The most important thing to know about where you search, is how that site operates.
There are some very popular zites out there, that’s trulio… but they don’t provide you with all that information just out of the goodness of their hearts… they’re there to make money. So, you have to consider, how do they make money? Off of the agents, who pay them for ‘leads’… (that’s you)  It’s called “Lead Capture”… catchy right? If you want to be captured, that is. The problem is, they have to ‘capture’ leads somehow. If every home was marketed accurately, and when asking questions, you were appropriately routed to the agent that knows the home (the listing agent), they’d never capture a lead, and they’d never sell their services to agents and therefore, never make a dime.

Because these sites are run by third parties, they are subject to inacurate information.  Sure, when a home hits the market, it shows up on their site… however, when a home leaves the market (cancelled, sold, expired, rented etc), these sites are never the first to know. What a ‘flaw’, huh? Or is it?

Every time you go on their site and see a home for sale that no one else has for sale, what’s your first thought? “Secret listing!” Wrong. The word I like to use is “BAIT”. You hit that button for more information and you’ve been ‘captured’ and sold to the highest bidder in that zip code. But don’t worry, I’m sure the agents that spend $1k-$5k a month to be in that bait and capture situation are big hearted and simply there to ‘help’ you.

Before you start searching on these fun, colorful, informative sites, consider why that site is so amazing… There is however a site that is paid for by the National Association of Realtors, and prides themselves on accurate information. However, they are still a “lead Capture” site… I highly advise you to find an agent, (the right agent) and let them guide you in your search process. Not only will you get better information, but you also won’t get swarmed by the three “local experts” when you hit the button for more information.

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