Sellers Guide

A simplified layout to selling a home. Click on any of the links or blog posts below for further information. Check back frequently as more information is gathered.

Hiring your Agent

Getting your home ready to list

Receiving an offer

Going under contract – accepted offer

Opening escrow

The inspection Period

Making repairs

  • Why you should agree to repairs
  • How to make repairs
  • Don’t get sued after close
  • Repairs you did in the last 12 months
  • Legalities of remodeling

The Appraisal

The Finance Contingency

The Final Walk Through

Signing the docs


Read the latest Seller articles, from the blog.

Sellers Post Possession Vs Lease Back

Frequently sellers are finding themselves in a difficult situation when they go to sell their home. The balancing act of buyer and selling is like the age old dilemma… which came first? The buy or the sell? (You thought the question would be more 'fowl', didn't you?)...

Switch Bait Financing Issues

We're in a competitive market right now and buyers are getting desperate. They're up against multiple offers, with variant levels of risky conditions. Buyers waiving contingencies Buyers making earnest money non-refundable Buyers are paying cash more than ever Buyers...

Investors and Wholesalers

Arizona is being purchased up by investors, and the public is feeling the strain. But who are these investors buying up all the homes and why?   iBuyers The iBuyer has been around for a while now, and a lot of sellers have benefited from them. They move in to an...

Why Are Listing Photos So Important

We have become online-home-shopping junkies, there's no question about it.  But that's not the reason that the photos are so important for your listing. How the photos are taken Agents don't have a rule for these things. Some will take photos with their cell phones...

Tips for Staging Your Home

When you're getting your home ready to sell, it's crucial to keep in mind how a buyer will view it. You want them to see it as their home, not yours. That can be a difficult pill to swallow for most sellers.  How do you live in a house that's no longer your home? It's...

Removing the Emotions When Selling Your Home

Life has changed, and you're getting ready to sell your home. We know it's probably not an easy decision to make, but sometimes it's the only decision. Maybe you're relocating for a job. Welcoming a family member and need more space. Kids are grown and you need less...

The Claims History Report

First, lets just clear something up... The Claims History is NOT the same as a CLUE report. We do not get a CLUE report from the insurance company. A CLUE is a Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange report. A CLUE report will give you the claims history, sure, but...

The Sellers Disclosures (SPDS)

The Sellers Property Disclosures Statement is commonly known in the Real Estate world as the SPDS (or Spuds, but never spell it that way!). In the state of Arizona, we are what you would refer to as a Disclosure State. That means that the seller of a property is...

Disclaimer Deed

Arizona is a community property state... so when one spouse purchases a home and does not go on title, as an owner, the non borrowing spouse will need to sign a Disclaimer Deed. What should you know about Disclaimer Deeds? A disclaimer deed is a document that is filed...

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