The Selling Process

A simplified layout to selling a home. Click on any of the links for further information on that subject. Check back for more as more information is gathered and deemed necessary to add here.

How to interview Real Estate agents

Getting your home ready to list

Receiving an offer

  • How to compare multiple offers
  • What you may not have thought of
  • Qualifying the buyer/lender/agent

Going under contract – accepted offer

  • Understanding the timeframes

Opening escrow

  • Understanding Escrow

The inspection Period

  • Understanding time frames
  • The Sellers Disclosures
  • The Claims History Report
  • What are the buyers responsibilities
  • What are the sellers responsibilities
  • What are the agents responsibilities
  • Types of inspections
    • Outside the box thinking
  • What to expect when inspecting
  • Understanding the BINSR
    • Typical repairs
    • What does “As-Is” mean?

Making repairs

  • Why you should agree to repairs
  • How to make repairs
  • Don’t get sued after close
  • Repairs you did in the last 12 months
  • Legalities of remodeling

The Appraisal

  • How to prepare and what to expect

The Finance Contingency

  • What could go wrong

The Final Walk Through

Signing the docs


  • When do you have to be out?

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