Annual Tax Statement

Annual tax statements are billed for the year, although they are not issued until the fall of the current year (September or October).

Taxes May be Paid in Two Halves:

• The first installment is due September 1 and delinquent November 1

• The second installment is due March 1 in the following year and delinquent May 1.

• Always check the property description on the tax statement to avoid paying on the wrong property. To assure proper posting of payment and information to your property, furnish your parcel number when making any payments or inquiries at the Assessor or Treasure’s office. Your parcel number can be found on the valuation card sent to you by the Assessor each year and is usually in the following format: ###-##-###. Sometimes the number is followed by a capital letter.

• The law does not recognize failure to receive a tax statement as a reason for waiving interest. The Treasurer must and will assess interest on all delinquent payments.


New Ownership:

• The transfer of ownership information may take as long as six months to process. There-fore, new owners may not receive a tax bill for property purchased after November 1 of the previous year.

• If a tax statement has not been received by October 15, the new owner must contact the Treasurer for a statement so that payment can be made before the first half become delinquent. The Treasurer’s office number is 602-506-8511. (Note: Tax bills are normally mailed to the new lender and paid from impounded funds)


Value Notification:

• On or before January 31 of each year, an Assessment Notice is sent from the Assessor to each property owner at the last known address. The Notice includes information for the new tax year, the property’s full cash value, assessed value, classification and assessment ratio.

• During a 45-day period after receipt of the Assessment Notice, valuations can be protested through the County Assessor. For information call the Assessor’s Office at 602-506-3406.

Arizona Tax Calendar

Important Dates in the Arizona Tax Calendar.
For more information, contact the treasurer at (602) 506-8511 or www.treasurer.maricopa.gov.

January 1st: Current taxes become a lien not yet payable.First day to file exception with the Assessor’s Office.

February 1st: On or before this date, Assessor is required to notify property owners of any increase in taxes or of delinquent taxes for previous years sold at auction. (Three year redemption period)

February 15th: Last day to file an appeal with the Assessor’s Office if the property owner feels that the values are excessive or that they violate the limitations of increase.

February 28th: Last day to file exceptions.


March 1st: Second half taxes for the previous year, are due and payable.

May 1st: Second half taxes for previous year, are now delinquent.

July 25th: Tax Roll is certified.

September 15th: Tax statements are mailed mid-September.

October 1st: First half of current year taxes are now due and payable.You may pay for the full year at this time.

November 1st: First half of current year taxes are now delinquent.

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