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Just a quick note on my business background, education (and why it matters), and some personal tidbits so we can get to know each other better. This page will start us off by you getting to know me, but please feel free to reach out on Facebook, email, or text so I can get to know you better as a buyer/seller/investor as well. I look forward to helping you with your real estate goals! 

Business Background

Having a background in residential property management had me getting my real estate license in another state what seems like a hundred years ago. My first job in this arena was at the young age of 18 as a part-time leasing agent in Florida at the apartments I lived in and have since then worked in Arizona, California, and now back to Arizona. In between the property management stint and my current real
estate agent status, my husband and I owned a large-format printing company where our whole lives were all about helping other companies market their businesses in the form of vehicle wraps, banners, and signage. Between my property management and marketing background, I bring a unique mix of experience and knowledge to the real estate biz. I love partnering with people in what is usually the largest
investment/purchase they will make in their lifetime – it’s a big deal!

Education Matters!

You could say that I’m obsessed with education. I’ve earned the alphabet soup behind my name, and have a passion for guiding other agents to further their education. I’ve served on the education committee as well as the leader of the group. Also, through this committee, I have dedicated time
each month to help further our new agent members education journey as well.
Ask me about my “alphabet soup”!!
GRI | PSA | SFR | e-Pro | C2EX

10 Fun Facts/Notables

1. Still mountain biking at my age! (Yes, I signed up for the Whiskey 30 this year!) Helped coach the high school state
champs 5 years running!
2. In love with my golden doodles, Maple and Penelope who don’t look like golden doodles at all. They were both the runts of their litters and one looks like a golden retriever and the other a total redhead lookin’ like a wannabe Irish Setter!
3. Addicted to movies! Yes, this will date me, but I own close to 400 DVD’s!
4. Reading is a passion! Louis L’amour is one of my faves, but proper romances hold my heart. Highly recommend Josi S Kilpack, Nancy Campbell Allen, Heather B Moore, Rebecca Connolly, and Sarah Eden.
5. Holding the Microphone…Ya, I kinda have a love affair with it. Motivational speaking and inspirational speaking are my
6. HOT PINK!! Probably couldn’t guess that from my headshots and my websites, right?? Pink is powerful.
7. Ran my own podcast for over 2 years called Lauri’s Lemonade Stand, A Positivity Podcast for Women – even publishing a book during that time that you can still find on Amazon – Positivity Happens.
8. I’m seriously an OCD organizational freakazoid – I don’t even own a junk drawer.
9. I DO NOT have a green thumb, but am proud to say that it has changed from black to brown! There are still a few plants I can keep alive in and outside my house…have learned to embrace succulents.
10. My superpower is getting along with others. I’m comfortable around lots of different types of people. What is your superpower? Hit me up on my Lauri Mackey, REALTOR® FaceBook page and let me know!

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