Sellers Guide

A simplified layout to selling a home. Click on any of the links or blog posts below for further information. Check back frequently as more information is gathered.

Hiring your Agent

Getting your home ready to list

Receiving an offer

Going under contract – accepted offer

Opening escrow

The inspection Period

Making repairs

  • Why you should agree to repairs
  • How to make repairs
  • Don’t get sued after close
  • Repairs you did in the last 12 months
  • Legalities of remodeling

The Appraisal

The Finance Contingency

The Final Walk Through

Signing the docs


Read the latest Seller articles, from the blog.

How to Make Your Home Stand Out When Selling

First impressions are the most important sales tool. Emotion plays a tremendous part in creating an interest in your home from a potential buyer. Make certain your home puts its “best foot forward” and that you follow the time-tested rules and behavior that will...

Contractual Time Frames

Without making this too complicated, here’s a brief outline of the timelines, as agreed to in a normal, boilerplate contract. Time for Acceptance – This is the time that the buyer is on the line for the contract, if signed and received within that time.  This is not a...

Pricing the Home Appropriately

Without a doubt, of all the mistakes that a seller can make, price is the most harmful and costly. Price the home too low, the home will sell, and probably quickly, but the seller will lose money that is rightfully theirs. Price the property too high and it will not...

Choosing the Right Agent

For most people, their home is the biggest investment of their life. You need to do some research to find the one that’s right for you. Finding the right match will pay off in the long run. Tips for Choosing the Right Realtor Go with a Pro The terms agent, broker and...

Moving Checklist

This comprehensive list of reminders will be valuable in the moving days ahead. Previous Residence PREPARING FOR THE MOVE: Leave keys & garage openers Travel funds (cash & checks) Prepare pet transportation Personally transport valuables & jewelry ADDRESS...

The Most Common Inspection Issues

The inspection period and the appraisal are those 2 moments during a transaction that everyone holds their breath and finds religion… cause there is a lot of praying going on. When selling a home, know that inspectors WILL make it sound like the house is about to fall...

Behind the Scenes of a Real Estate Deal

The job of the Real Estate agent is no longer to "find" you a home. Lets be honest… no matter how good I am at searching the MLS, you're spending 6 hours a night on every real estate site you can find, mostly because you're positive that you're better at finding THE...

Is Your Agent Exceptional… or a DUD

Arizona Licensed Agents As of writing this, there are around 92k licensed Agents in the state of Arizona. About half of those are in the Maricopa Valley area, including everything around Phoenix. It's said that about 20% of the real estate agents sell 80% of the real...

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