We have become online-home-shopping junkies, there’s no question about it.  But that’s not the reason that the photos are so important for your listing.

How the photos are taken

Agents don’t have a rule for these things. Some will take photos with their cell phones and convince the sellers that this is sufficient (it isn’t). Some actually take their own photos, and are much better at getting that right shot. And then some see their limitations as aspiring photographers and they hire this job out. Anything over cell phone is sufficient, usually.  (as long as your agent isn’t advertising your home with a bathroom selfie, ok?)

How many photos do you need?

There is such thing as too many photos, but it’s difficult to get there. You should have enough photos that every room of your home is well documented.  (and labeled on the listing. The last thing you need is buyers wondering which bedroom had which closet.)

The photos should go from viewing the exterior of the home, walking into the front door,  and then touring the home, as they would in real life.

Tip: The top 5 photos, featuring the best aspects of the house should be the first 5 photos on the listing. Most people don’t have time to scroll through a lot of photos… they’re 1..2..3..4..5… and out… or intrigued.

Photos are the reason that your potential buyer is touring the home, that’s a given. That’s the reason that most people think that the photos are the most important.

That’s great. Photos will get them in the door.  But once they leave, and go tour another home that also had great potential… the photos are what will bring them back to your home!

Whether the current market is nuts and homes are flying off the shelf, or it’s pretty quiet and buyers have all the time in the world to make a decision… there’s one similarity.

They’re seeing multiple homes before making a decision!

By the time the buyer has seen your home, they may have already seen 8, and they’re all starting to blur together.

Or, when they leave yours, they’re off to see another 8, and then the blur begins.

But all buyers will go back home, and look through the photos of the listings they went to… and compare.

Sifting room to room, trying to remember which house had that great kitchen island, or the big bath tub… or even that cute little gnome in the front yard that earned your house the nickname “the gnome house” so the buyer could remember which ones they loved.  Those photos may be the reason they write the offer, or not.

So, whether your agent is a whiz at the D-SLR, or they have a pro that is… make sure that your photos give a good representation of the home, inside and out, and include details that will help the buyer make the decision.

Tip: If you have a new AC, a new roof, high end appliances, high end back splash or fancy flooring, these details should be brought to the buyers attention through photos. The agent can add a note to the photos, or use detail shots to help a buyer make a decision later.  Don’t count on the homes description doing all the convincing. Very rarely do people read through the whole listing sheet, but a photo is worth a 1,000 words. (and even more cash)

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