My Preferred Inspectors

I’ve met a lot of home inspectors and I’ve seen a lot of inspection reports. With a background in construction, I tend to be drawn to inspectors that have some construction background, who have a respect for the nature of the business and who will be candid and straight forward, as well as realistic with their reports.  I may adore these inspectors, but they may not be right for you.  Don’t hesitate to ask the inspector questions about their background, how they work, a sample of their reports and about anything else that may be of importance to you. Ultimately, this will be YOUR home, not mine. Who I like matters very little.  Also, keep in mind that while most inspectors will charge similar fees, the cost is not always reflective of their value. Determine their worth to you before you compare pricing. Your home is a big purchase and a big decision, don’t take this lightly.

General Home Inspectors
Craig Collier of AZ Precise Home Inspections

Steve Bartolomei of J Dewey Home Inspections

Ben Wanless Fresh Breeze AC

Shamrock Roofing

House Doctor AZ

*I’m selective about who I refer. You may choose whoever you like the most. These are people that have proven to live up to my standards in education, experience and ethics, and whom I would hire for my own home.

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What to Bring to the Closing Table

Listed below are the items you need to obtain and bring to your escrow appointment. Note: Make sure all of your lender’s requirements have been met before your appointment. Identification: In order to notarize your signature you must bring picture I. D. (current...

Understanding Property Taxes

Annual Tax Statement Annual tax statements are billed for the year, although they are not issued until the fall of the current year (September or October). Taxes May be Paid in Two Halves: • The first installment is due September 1 and delinquent November 1 • The...

Potential Issues With Title

Listed are potential scenarios in buying a home. For additional explanations please contact your local escrow office. These are situations that have created the need for a little extra Title Insurance. Scenario 1 The current homeowners purchased their property eight...

What You May Need When Getting a Mortgage

There are several steps you need to take when acquiring a mortgage. Sales contract on the purchase of your new home. Copy of sales contract and certified closing statement on your current home. For FHA loans: Copies of your Social Security card and drivers license....

Buying a Home

My goal is simple: To help you find your home and guide you through the daunting process that it is. It’s not as easy as knowing how many bedrooms you want. The Phoenix East Valley has every kind of home, in every shape and size. Every neighborhood has it’s own perks...

Before You Write the Offer

Most people believe that writing an offer consists of deciding a price…………….. Yeah, there’s a little more to it than that. Our purchase contract is 10 pages long. It is filled with information on what will be included in the sale, how the sale will work, the...

Fees Paid out of Escrow

Recently, I had a little disagreement with an Escrow rep. In this particular case, my buyers lender required that a bill be paid out of escrow. If my buyer had made a payment directly, it could take some time to reflect on the credit report, where being included on...

Is it up to Code?

Every buyer has the right to do an inspection on a home. Most will use a licensed home inspector to go through and touch and twiddle with every moving part, test all the functions of all the things… you see where I’m going with this. However, one of my biggest pet...

Contractual Time Frames

Without making this too complicated, here’s a brief outline of the timelines, as agreed to in a normal, boilerplate contract. Time for Acceptance – This is the time that the buyer is on the line for the contract, if signed and received within that time.  This is not a...

Understanding Title Insurance

In Arizona, most real estate transactions are closed with a title insurance policy. Many erroneously assume that possession of the deed to the property is all they need to prove ownership. This is not true. Unknown title defects may attach to real estate. A property...

No Breach Until Cured

In the purchase contract, there are MANY timeframes and responsibilities for both parties to follow. If you do not follow these terms of the contract, you may be in breach. However, according to the Arizona Purchase Contract, if you are outside of the terms of the...

Multiple Offers and the Counter Offer

Most people believe that if a home is for sale, and you offer on it… the next step is going under contract… naturally. Not necessarily. There are other scenarios that can cause crimps in this simple plan. The multiple offer situation In a sellers market, or other...

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