My goal is to provide the busy agent with a flexible, virtual environment that nurtures collaboration and a higher level of education, while providing leadership and support to promote their professional and personal growth.

Serena Hope Jones

Broker/Owner, Serene Living AZ

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I Invite All Agents to NOT Answer Their Phones

First of all, before anyone gets their panties in a wad, let me explain. I am not saying that agents shouldn't answer their phones…ever. The good ones will always answer their messages. But, the good ones also don't always have time to answer that call, at that moment… let me explain.   The...

Who Pays for the Real Estate Commissions?

There has been an uproar in the Real Estate World recently, regarding the commissions paid to the buyers agents.   The Backstory NAR came under attack recently by the DOJ (Department of Justice), for their requirement that a seller offer a buyers agent commission, in order to put their home...

Switch Bait Financing Issues

We're in a competitive market right now and buyers are getting desperate. They're up against multiple offers, with variant levels of risky conditions. Buyers waiving contingencies Buyers making earnest money non-refundable Buyers are paying cash more than ever Buyers are waiving inspections or...

Hard Money Loans are Not the Same as Cash

You're in a competitive market and you want to make a strong offer. You're tired of being beat out  by these cash investors. It's understandable… but what can you do? Some buyers have looking into hard money loans, as an option to avoid pitfalls in financing, like appraisals and financing...

Best Practices – Agent Mastermind 8-25

Come one, come all!!! We’re going to be gathering via zoom, on August 25th, 2021 at 3pm, to discuss things going on out there in the field. We want to hear about your tips and best practices… like: How to get a contract accepted without waiving ALL of your clients protection. How to ask for the...

Designations and Certifications

I am extremely proud to hold the alphabet soup next to my name, but I know that it can be confusing if you don't know what this mess of letters mean.  Let me explain. In real estate, we have 24 hours (30 for brokers) of Continuing Education (CE) classes to take every 2 years, in order to renew out...

Living outside the box, cause I’m not a cat and boxes are uncomfortable

I was having a conversation with a colleague the other day and she was telling me about how her last year had gone down. In short, she followed all the advice and did all the things... and somehow she still lost all of money and was now working towards resetting her thinking, cause none of the...

Low Costs!

We have three simple, inexpensive plans that puts more of your money in your pocket. Get paid faster, with direct deposit.


Broker Support

A passionate, educated, highly involved Broker to aggressively support you and your business, 7 days a week!

Systems & Tools

All the BEST systems and tools that you need to run a successful business.

Training Galore

Tons of virtual, self paced courses, training and masterminds.

There are typically 2 reasons that agents leave a brokerage.

  1. Lack of quality leadership – Either the Broker isn’t available when you need them, or even worse… they don’t have your back when you REALLY need them.
  2. The Money – Profitability is not just what you pay out of each commission. It’s about how much your paying out in junk fees, and how high your cap is.  But even more importantly… It’s about how successful you are, or can be, in the right environment.

We keep the fees low, and the caps low because we work with dedicated professionals that are growing their referral based business… this isn’t just a training center, although we have training… or where you go when you retire simply because it’s cheap.  Our costs take into consideration that this is where you’ll be for years to come, creating comradery with your fellow agents, and growing your brand, with consistency for years to come.

When it comes to broker support, you get more than the typical, spotty, 9-5 access. The Broker is here to support you 7 days a week from eyes open to eyes shut.  Every busy agent can tell you that Broker support is crucial when you need it… and it can be detrimental to your business, to not have the right support when you NEED it.

The Important Stuff

The Costs

We offer three options, depending on your business needs.

A low split, low cap plan, complete with one on one coaching for those agents that are looking for more help getting their business going.

OR low, flat-rate plans for those agents who just need great Broker support behind them, without all the overhead costs, coaching and training.

Need a Transaction Coordinator?

We have admin support!  Our Transaction Coordinator is a licensed agent just like you, and through extreme organization, you’ll stay on track, your files will stay on track and when you close, your commissions won’t have delays. 

Systems and Tools

Transaction Management

We use the best Transaction Management Software in the business!

No need to pay for Docusign or expensive Task software, we’ve got that covered for you. Manage your contacts, your tasks, write offers, send emails… all through one system.

Need a website to get you started?

We have one on one training and assistance to help you get set up with your own wordpress website. Owning your future and potential for youself. 

Need help growing your business?

We offer free training and resources to help you get started.  You’ll look like an old pro, right out of real estate school.

Training and Education

We have a vast library of online training to help you get started. From writing your first offer, to streamlining your processes to be more successful. 

We also offer weekly and monthly trainings and collaboration meetings via Zoom, to help you connect and grow with your fellow agents.

CE training coming soon!

More on Broker Support

My name is Serena Hope Jones. I have been a licensed agent since 2011. My passion has been on helping clients at a higher level, and helping Agents who want to help their clients at a higher level.  Over the years, I’ve taken every class I could get my hands on, I’ve networked with the best in the business, I’ve volunteered on committees, I’ve even started a real estate school, to help raise the level of quality in Continuing Education. 

I made a point to learn everything I could about this business and how we could make it better, which essentially lead me to opening my own brokerage in January of 2017.  Since then, my passion for helping agents grow only grown stronger. I’ve focused on helping my agents get business, by promoting them, not just the brokerage. I’ve helped agents through many challenges and hurdles in their business, as well as their lives. 

My goal was to be more than just the broker that checked for signatures on each page of a contract. I want to educate, and empower my agents to be the best they can be. I want to help them grow a successful business, and help them maintain a healthy life/work balance. 

Your clients are the life blood of your business, so when you have a challenge, I’m there to help, and fight when necessary. I’m not the kind of broker to simply look for the fastest, easiest fix to make problems go away… I will fight tooth and nail for what’s right, because I know that’s the kind of broker support you’re looking for!  The straight forward, easy deals will come and go… but it’s when things get tough, that you KNOW you’re paying for a quality brokerage and quality support.

No matter how cheap your fees or splits… if you’re not getting collaboration, growth and FULL support when YOU need it… You’re over paying.

Lets chat!

Book a 30 minute interview with the broker to see if Serene Living AZ can help you grow your business.  Stop reading now and click below…

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