When you are buying a home with cash, the contract states that a proof of funds (POF) will be provided.

There is no standard form however. Proof, is proof.

So, what would be considered a valid proof of funds?

  • Bank statement. If you choose to do this, you should blacken out all personal or private information.  A page one, showing the balance on the account is more than sufficient.
  • Screenshot of your bank balance. Although, most banking apps don’t allow screenshots, you could print screen from your computer.  If you do provide an image, you should put it inside a document and save it as a pdf, as that is the standard form format for most transaction management systems.
  • Letter from the banking establishment. In some cases, your financial advisor may write a letter stating that you have sufficient funds for a purchase of $xxx amount.

It’s important to know that not all proof of funds are the same, so as long as you have evidence of sufficient, available funds, you are good to go.

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